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Around Taurianova: beauty, culture and colours

From Taurianova to Tropea, Aspromonte and Vibo Valentia

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It’s May, the perfect time to plan your holidays!

We can’t wait to show you the most beautiful places around Taurianova.


First of all, Tropea! Just in case you lived on another planet in the last few years, and you don’t know anything about it, Tropea is an incredible city on the sea, that this year won the prize for the most beautiful village in Italy (Borgo dei borghi 2021). This treasure of the Tyrrhenian Sea is really unique: here and there in the green nature you can see wonderful views of the blue of the sea, and when the sky is very clear, also the Eolian Island on the horizon. You can’t miss the coloured and lively city centre and the most important and interesting place of worship Isola Bella, also named Shrine of Santa Maria dell’Isola. Rarely you will find a better seaside: there are bays, beaches, caverns and cliffs on the turquoise sea you will fall in love with. 

Tropea Borgo dei Borghi – photo Francesco Cento

If you’re not a sea person, we can offer great mountain places near Taurianova. And speaking of them, Aspromonte is deeply rooted in Calabrian identity and we are proud to announce that now it is in the UNESCO Global Geoparks: with its rare and beautiful rocks and its unique history, the park has been recognized as important on world level. A really important news to all of us, to remember how much beauty is around us, and it seems the perfect time to discover and appreciate it more. 

Aspromonte UNESCO Global Geoparks – photo Stella Scionti

But great news are not over: Vibo Valentia is a city not so far from Taurianova and this year won the prize of Italian Capital of Book! It is a really touching recognition to our community, to the ones who love to read books, and write them also. 

So, what’s the best conclusion?

You should come back or visit our Calabria, a place of rare beauty and culture we are in love with, and we hope you’ll be too after your holidays here.

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