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lunedì, Ottobre 25, 2021

Christmas time in Taurianova: same love, different mood

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Welcome to this column in the new website of Taurianova Talk! Here, we will share news and information about Taurianova to everyone around the world is interested in and is attached to it. Hope you enjoy it!

Talking to our area, Calabria was not at all extraneous to all the difficulties the world faced in the last months: lately, because of Covid, Italian regions were classified with a colour, based on the emergency situation. Calabria was in the red ones: it was one of the regions in high danger. Calabrian people, as always, worked hard and tried to do their best to carry on families and jobs.

Taurianova Talk helped with free advertising spaces on its Facebook page to support business owners and local shops. Luckily, the entire nation is in yellow zone now, so everyone can have more freedom: from 21st December to 6th January, families can’t reunite, so this year Christmas holidays will be less crowded, but we are allowed to go in bar and restaurants again, and this is a very good news! We really missed some relaxing and funny moments outside. 

Taurianova is living its first months with the new/old mayor

Taurianova is living its first months with the new/old mayor and his new administrators. They decided to do not give up to Christmas mood and managed to light the city centre up. Pandemic became our first topic in every conversation, so the aim of all these decorations may be to give some cheerful times to people who can go out in consented hours, to be surrounded by a typical Christmas situation in Taurianova, listening to Christmas songs and buying gifts to parents and friends to deliver in person or by mail. 

Taurianova is going to prepare itself for a quite different Christmas time this year, surely less warm but we hope for a better and full-of-good-surprises 2021.

Christmas time in Taurianova: same love, different mood

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