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Orange zone and new hopes on the horizon

Soon kids will plant wonderful trees alongside Viale della pace

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Welcome everyone to orange zone!

No, is not just the right season to fuel up with vitamin C eating a lot of oranges!

I’m talking about Calabria as orange zone, in Italian division of regions because of Covid we are still in danger, but not in red zone as we were in Easter holidays.

Pandemic had a lot of effects on our lives, but it is important to think about our children: they studied in their classrooms for weeks, then they started distance learning again, and after holidays they came back at school with their classmates and teachers. It is a difficult situation and surely it will have consequences on their school performance, and it will affect concentrations and passion for school subjects.

In order to help them, teachers organized developmental courses, especially for kids from first and second year of primary school who are the ones more in difficult after an entire year of Covid. Thinking of their sociality, in the next month will start a lot of beautiful projects: food education, creative and artisanal workshops, music and singing, financial education for savings, foreign language enhancement for kids of primary school and art, creative writing, theatre, educational and digital innovation, human rights for middle school. 

Moreover, soon kids will plant wonderful trees alongside Viale della pace, the street in front of the “Monteleone-Pascoli” primary school. 

Things will be soon better for our kids and we are very happy!

It is not so bad even for the rest of Taurianova people: Taurianova Talk’s community is bigger and bigger, and we never had so much fun following Sanremo’s Festival on both TV and social media! We commented on TT’s Facebook page until late night! 

Tropea, the little city we all fell in love with, became “borgo dei borghi“, the best village in Italy! Congratulations!

Important initiatives were organized online, as Dantedì, the day dedicated to the poet Dante that got all the Taurianova students excited, the race of solidariety in selling Easter eggs to help Ail organization and we started spreading joy to our readers sharing their furry friends on our Facebook page: speaking of it, please send us your dog’s photos from all over the world!

Have a nice day and be strong!

Things will be better soon!

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